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Natural Trash Can Liner 33 Gallons 16 MIC
250 / Case


Clear Trash Can Liner 60 Gallons 1.5 MIL
100 / Case

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Clear Trash Can Liner 60 Gallons 2 MIL
100 / Case

Quantity 100/Case
25 Bags / 4 Rolls
Shipping weight 24.98 lb
Item No L38582.0CV
Length 58 inches
width 38 inches
Color Clear
Features Recycled
Intended Use Bar/Resturant School/Cafeteria
Material Low Denisty
Thickness 2 MIL




  • Eco-friendly and compostable.
  • Biodegradable or recyclable.
  • Reliable and consistent quality.
  • Used at household and commercial places.
  • Portable and available at affordable prices.
  • Lightweight and easily disposable.
  • Prevents the spread of bad odors.
  • Keeps the dustbin neat and clean for reuse. 
  • Manages waste properly.
  • Reduces the time consumed for cleaning.
  • Lower in cost.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Easy to lift and carry.


  • Perfect  for  well-trodden areas such as restaurants, shops, and schools.
  • 2 – mill thickness is perfect for use in outdoor trash cans.
  • Star-sealed bottom sustains product integrity.
  • Made from recycled plastics and resins.
  • Garbage bags are mineral enriched for improved physical properties. 
  • These poly bags are ideal for lightweight litter where heavy bags are not required.
  •  These liners have excellent elasticity, making them less likely to puncture or tear.
  • These bin liners are perfect for waste with sharp, broken edges.

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